Current Writing Projects

I’m very bad at committing to things. As such, I tend to have stupid numbers of writing projects on the go at once and oftentimes I struggle to finish any of them because I can’t decide which to prioritise first. So here, for future reference, is a list of projects which are currently in the writing, editing or submission stages:

Note: (w) indicates a working title.


The Wizards of Albion Trilogy. Current status: two books written, one in the editing stages, one on-hold.

1. The Summer Masque:

The Wizards of the Order of Ambrosius are preparing for their great festival, mere weeks away. But Lord Glasswater, maker of magical automata, just can’t get his spell to work. He’s on the brink of giving up – when quite by chance, he discovers that one of his footmen, a young Mister Olson, might just have the raw magical talent necessary to cast the spell. But one performance quickly leads to another, and another, and Olson’s newfound power is steadily growing…

Meanwhile, Lord Glasswater’s young daughter Caitrin, newly returned from a lengthy sojourn in warmer climes, has a burgeoning power of her own. And if her Papa won’t teach a girl magic, she’ll have to take matters into her own hands…

2. The Standing Stone: tba.
3. The Bridge City: tba.

(w) Ever-Present Novel. Current status: first book complete, in the early stages of editing.

This one is definitely going to be a trilogy – it has a neat three-act structure to it – but the end of the third book is not even close to being the real end. This one doesn’t even have a real end. As of right now I have the lives of the characters roughly plotted out from the ages of twelve through forty. The third book ends when they are around eighteen. I’ve yet to come up with any kind of logically plan as to how to write the rest.


Vol. 1 Phases of Being:

  • (i) Samuel, a young wizard-in-traning, discovers a talent for a different sort of magic. An instinctive, fluid, unwizardly magic. Despite his efforts to conceal it, sooner or later the truth will come out, and his people may never accept him.
  • (ii) Annabelle is a natural shapeshifter with the misfortune to live in a town that fiercely hates magic. She’s determined to escape – but can only sink deeper into depression and self-loathing.
  • (iii) Leo’s mother is dead, and his sister has been taken from him. Abandoned in a group home, he discovers a love of Shakespeare, tries to ignore the rising tide of right-wing, anti-magic politics… and learns to read minds.
  • (iv) Bridget, the daughter of a Priestess of the God Mytis, doesn’t want to go into the priesthood. She wants to run away and explore the world. But hemmed in by social expectation, she goes to the temple to study, and there discovers what her Goddesses have in store for her.

Vol. 2 Preliminary Castings: Samuel, Leo, Annabelle, and Bridget, four young people, all talented in their own way, all congregated at the great Temple. Relationships form and blossom as they enter into a magical counter-culture, but in the south tensions are seething, and they may not be safe for much longer.

Vol. 3 Candelight: tba.

Settlement 359. Currentl status: 153k, completed first draft.

My first attempt at a science fiction novel. YA. Based on a short story I wrote when I was 16.

Summary: The planet Marikesh, once a thriving oil-colony, now a backwater, inhabited by a mix of humans and hybrids, has existed in peaceable squalour for generations. But now the hybrids are developing superpowers, the goverment is taking a sudden and chilling interest… and the native aliens, long thought lost, might be on their way home…

(w) Ash. Current status: 83.5k, completed first draft.

YA fantasy. Written on a whim for NaNoWriMo ’16, after a slightly uneasy dream.

Summary:  Ash’s mother is a witch. Ash’s mother has disappeared. Locked in a safehouse for young witches, Ash tries to make sense of what has happened and of her destiny, but the force that took her mother is closing in, and a snap decision to protect a human girl threatens to break everything apart.

Short Stories and Novellas

3.8 MissionsCurrent Status: ~6000 words. SOLD to Shoreline of Infinity.

Summary: Sci-fi. In the middle of a battlefield that used to be a city some time in the future, a lowly technician discovers a several damaged Cyborg-Soldier which has someone regained its memories of being human.

The Goat Boy and the Prince. Current status: ~12,000 words.

Summary: Fairy tale. A long, long time ago, the land was full of magic. It crackled under the earth and the sea, in every living thing, glistening on every leaf and every bird and in the wings of every dragonfly; it blazed in the heavens at dusk, painting the sky red and gold. Listen and you could hear it singing. The world was new and bright.

(w) The Lift. Current Status: ~28,000 words.

Summary: Sci-fi. In a world contained entirely within a twelve-storey building where everything runs like clockwork, a young woman is suddenly approached by a man who flaunts all the rules and seems convinced that she is the key to unlocking everything.

The Fifth Dream. Current status: ~14,000 words.

Summary: Magical realism set in Ancient Greece. A potter starts dreaming that statues of Athene are talking to him and starts to realise that he may be descended from Zeus; meanwhile, Athens is on the brink of war and his visions are set upon as an omen of Victory.

(w) Phaedra. Current status: ~19,000 words.

Summary: A reworking of the Euripidean tragedy Hippolytus from the point of view of Phaedra as she falls in love with her step-son.

Sparks. Current status: ~9400 words

Summary: Urban fantasy. A teenage girl is thrown out of her childhood home for using magic. After visiting a magical fair, she meets Caspar, a bitter but protective young man with fire magic, and Joseph, Caspar’s neighbour who can create illusions but struggles to control them due to his drug addiction.

(w) Aodh. Current status: ~40K words.

Summary: Historical fantasy. Aodh is a young man attached to a remote island monastery, cast out by his family due to his violent, surreal visions which occasionally come true. He sees a blond man washed up on the beach over and over; sure enough, one day he finds a shipwrecked Saxon prince named Gar.

S-268 1014. Current status: ~12,000 words.

Summary: A teenage boy becomes the only survivor of a cataclysm that destroys the pocket universe in which he grew up.

Down the Rabbit Hole and What Alistair Found There. Current status: ~ 20K words

Summary: Surreal fantasy. A transgender teenager, Alistair, falls into a giant library populated by miniature clockwork robots which may or may not be powered by human souls, and ruled by a mysterious and shadowy Librarian.

Glimpsing the Walkers. Current Status: ~37K words

Summary: Surreal fantasy/sci-fi/horror. Sophie is mysteriously sent away to live with mysterious relatives in a town where mysterious things happen and everyone seems to be on the brink of going mad. Most mysterious of all are the Walkers, people who aren’t quite alive and are’t quite ghosts, and who no-one will talk about. Sophie decides to investigate further and discovers that once glimpsed the Walkers are not easily forgotten.

I Am. Current status: ~18K words.

Summary: A man wakes up inside a machine with no air and no memory of how he came to be there. Unfortunately, once he escapes everyone he meets seems to know exactly who he is and everyone seems to want him dead.

Locked Rooms. Current status: ~10,000 words.

Summary: A boy starts to realise that his idyllic rural life may not be all that it seems.

Anne. Current status: ~6000 words.

Summary: The next day, which was Tuesday, she had an ordinary basket; the day after that, which was Tuesday also, her basket contained nothing but raw wool and an empty pot; the day after that she found lots of vegetables, some of which were purple; and they day after that, she found a girl. “Well,” said Anne, hands on her formidable hips. “This is a pickle.”

Clay. Current status: ~2000 words.

Summary: Sci-fi. A geological research base on another planet vanishes without a trace. The investigator, and her teenage daughter, encounter the local aliens – who only want to understand.

Eluned and the Dragon. Current status: ~3000 words.

Summary: A time agent on a mission tracking a dinosaur in bronze age Wales meets a time sensitive prodigy and grapples with professional ethics, regulations, and her own conscience.

Lethe. Current status: ~17K words.

Summary: The day that Wesley’s plane was shot down over the Aegean could not have had more perfect weather. The sky had been blue, the sea bright turquoise and sparkling, the mountains golden in the distance. The bullets that ripped his plane apart were black. An afterlife fantasy.

(w) Nan. Current status: ~10K words.

Summary: a series of vignettes, about a series of ordinary teenagers growing into adulthood, in a world that has recently come into contact with a strange new alien race called ‘the humans’.

Peaches. Current status: ~1000 words.

Summary: In the beginning, before the sun went away, they’d closed off the graveyards. Reinforced them with iron and concrete, built towering walls and lived in their shadows. And in the beginning, it had worked.

Pyramids. Current status: ~2000 words.

Summary: (i) an enslaved worker on a distant planet helps to exhume a vast structure. (ii) a stranded space pilot on an uninhabited world discovers a lonely pyramid. (iii) a geologist on a deep-space, one-woman mission finds a miniature pyramid aboard her ship… and whenever she looks away, it moves.

The Black Out Curtains. Current status: ~6000 words.

Summary: a young woman struggling with anxiety and depression hears harp music inside her bedroom wall. She sees mysterious lights. She discovers another world.

The Telephone. Current status: ~1500 words.

Summary: Cor, you write a lot of letters, I’d say. The first few times few times he’d just nod and go back to writing, but after a while he said to me that all his letters were to the same person. A friend, he said. A friend at the front. France, I ask him? Yes, in France. Then, though I didn’t ask, he said his friend’s an officer.

The Voice. Current status: ~6000 words.

Summary: more than fifteen years ago, Gloria, the so-called ‘voice of a generation’ vanished from the public eye and became a recluse. Now Meggie, a young journalist and dedicated fan, is determined to get an interview… and she’s granted one. But she’s treading on a disturbing secret…

The Procedure. Current status: ~2000 words.

Summary: Near future sci-fi. A woman trapped in an unhappy marriage agonises over a second, unwanted pregnancy, and directs her hatred at her husband’s genetically enhanced Wonder Dog.

The White Gates. Current status: ~9000 words.

Summary: This is how the story goes. The gods are born. They live, they breathe, they scream and cry like human babies. They grow up. They marry and bear children. They take up arms to fight in the war against the dark, endless army of demons on the horizons of their paradise. They win glory. They fall. Their children take up their arms and their names and succeed them.

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