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Let’s talk writing music

Lately Youtube has been recommending me nothing but ‘ambient’ mixes. I know exactly why this is – tinnitus + a need to be productive and concentrate without being distracted by having to pick what to listen to next – but given that I do sometimes use Youtube to listen to music, it’s getting annoying.

But anyway: since I’m pushed for time this week, I thought I’d share some favourites that I’ve been writing to lately:

First up, what I’m listening to right now: Autumn River Sounds, which is seasonally appropriate and comes with a suitably relaxing video.

I’m a big fan of nature-y white noise. Waterfall Sounds is another nice one, and is part of a channel with a huge variety of similar, long videos.

When it comes to music, I found a Steampunk & Victorian Era compilation that I like to listen to while editing my novel. I also really enjoy this Studio Ghibli piano collection and lately I’ve been listening to the Coraline soundtrack a lot. Less relaxing but certainly atmospheric!

I’ve also been spending some time delving into the world of Indie albums on Youtube and keep returning to Strange Trails by Lord Huron.

And finally, Cosmos: A Musical Journey Through Time and Space is a truly epic three-part series that I’ve yet to get tired of!


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