My Week In Writing (13/12/17)

20171213_225307.jpgIs this post several days late, or early for next week? Who knows!

I’ve not been super well since NaNoWriMo finished – I missed some time off work and would have liked to have missed a little more, if I’m going to be honest. It doesn’t help that we’ve just moved to a new office so I’m feeling a bit unsettled.

I am, however, still very much working on The Green and the Gathering Tide, which is coming up on 170,000 words (including the pre-NaNo 2017 material, naturally). I’m also still working, somewhat piecemeal, on Annique but seem to have written myself into something of a corner. Boo.

I went along to Event Horizon, now at Frankensteins and in an underground venue that has the ethos of a mead hall. I wasn’t shortlisted for the flash fiction contest so it was a pretty relaxed evening for me and I was curious to hear the winning story – you can read more about the winners here.

I finished reading The Time Hoppers by Robert Silverberg and posted a quick review on Goodreads. I also read Come Close, Penguin’s 80th anniversary edition of Sappho’s poems, and re-read The Little Prince in a very shiny hard copy (previously read it on Kindle) that I bought a while back on Transreal fiction.

And I read Shoreline of Infinity 9, finally, and had a great time. I’m now working my way throught the issues of Pulp Literature I got as part of my subscription (which I got for entering their flash fiction contest).

I also re-read Settlement 359, my own sci-fi novel. I’m still pretty pleased with it! Needs some quick edits for continuity but once that’s done I might be able to send it to some people to read! I’m dreading editing it properly though.

And I did most of my Christmas shopping. So, that’s a pretty big achievement, hopefully.

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