NaNoWriMo Diary 2: World

I’ve been working on this story, one way for another, about as long as I’ve been making up stories. This world has evolved and grown as I’ve grown. It’s gone through a lot of changes and it’s become very complex and very real to me.

So: let’s look at some settings.

20171111_230257.jpgThe Great Temple

The second largest Ellanei Temple in existence. Bigger than it looks from the outside and essentially a town unto itself, with acres of gardens, miles of underground tunnels, and a lot of secrets.

The Ellanei practice magic for spiritual, academic and practical reasons and so as well as its shrines the Great Temple houses a library, extensive teaching facilities, and the only local hospital.

20171111_230218.jpgThe Town: Templestone

Templestone is built on a place where reality is a bit soft and squishy. Thousands of years earlier this is what drew the Ellanei, the witches who built the Great Temple that gave the town its name. In modern times, it made Templestone an ideal location for a World Lock, a facility for creating artificial portals to other dimensions.

A market town with the vitality of the city, Templestone has always been politically left-leaning and highly magical.

20171111_230726.jpgThe Country: The Islands

Although its physical geography is very different, it’s a lot like Britain (circa 1980). It’s home to two sects of magic users: the Ellanei in the North and the Wizards in the South.

The individual islands are partly self governing, partly run by a central government in Daire, the capital city.

Notable islands include: Temple Island, the setting of The Green and the Gathering Tide; Tovenar, the island of the Wizards; Sheep Island, where Leo hails from; and Wittering Island, the capital island and Annabel’s home.

ab32ea64503104c1a1d29f9ea65fde9e---years-apollo-The World: Earth A

Earth A is physically and culturally not far removed from Earth, but from the earliest time it’s been a highly magical place. Earth A has an unusually high concentration of natural portals and there has always been movement between it and neighbouring dimensions, leading to interdimensional cross-pollination of wildlife, people, ideas and magics.

In the days before World Locks Earth A was a crossroad world of sorts due to its many portals and it has retained its status in the new age of easy travel. Its governments are often pivotal in the doings of the Interdimensional Union.

starsThe Multiverse: The Interdimensional Union

The Multiverse of which Earth A is a part might be infinite and is certainly growing. There are thousands of known dimensions with intelligent life, all of which are part of an expanding and volatile community.

Earth A is part of the Interdimensional Union, a relatively young organisation of governments from different dimensions that aims both to unify dimensions and monitor movement between them.

However, the Union only makes up a small portion of the Multiverse. Nobody truly knows how far it goes, or what could be out there. Free interdimensional travel is less than a generation old and people’s understanding of the Multiverse is rapidly changing…

There are a lot of stories to be told here.




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