My Week In Writing (06/08/17)


It begins…

My first week at my new job went pretty quickly. I’m working for the city council, so there’s some somewhat confusing rules and regulations as to how much I’m allowed to say online about my work, so I shan’t chance it. Mostly what I’ve been doing is data entry and opening mail.

I also got my data back on Monday, which I’m absolutely thrilled about. I wasted a lot of time going through my writing folder re-reading everything I would have lost, if the recovery had failed.

Best part is, I’ve been able to start working on my novel again, so I’m doing a chapter-by-chapter read through. Main goal at present is to check the flow and look for suitable places to re-insert some key details from scenes I cut. After that I might have to edit it down some. We’ll see.

After that, test reading… and then querying agents.

Speaking of: my short story 3.8 Missions is going to be in Shoreline of Infinity‘s Edinburgh International Book Festival Special edition, which is out in less than a week! I may get royalties, so please grab a copy.

This week, I listened to the first volume of Doom Coalition, which I enjoyed very much, and finished reading A Song of Stone which I enjoyed a lot less.

I’ve started reading Thirteen Guests by J Jefferson Farjeon. So far it’s mostly been posh people being posh at each other, but it’s a murder mystery so there should be some murder soon. It’s very readable anyway, and I was very interested to discover that the author is the brother of Eleanor Farjeon, who wrote The Silver Curlew. It was a favourite book of mine as a child.

Apparently there was another Farjeon sibling who was also a writer – and the family was descended from Thomas Jefferson. What a fascinating bunch.

I’ve been watching The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, a web sitcom that’s sort of… difficult to describe. It’s a romantic sitcom, very funny, highly recommended.

Next week: we’ll see.


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