Adventures in Novelling: Annique

I definitely wasn’t planning on starting another long-form project right after finishing Settlement 359, but, well, I got inspired. Of all things, by an episode of The Adventure Zone – I was intrigued by the concept of our world existing as part of a wider, more fantastical multiverse.

So, I started working on Annique (working title). I’m thoroughly winging it here, to the point that I genuinely don’t know if I’ll be able to make it work – I’m certain there’s some major plotholes already and I’m only 17k in.

It’s not so much a fantasy story as a science fiction story with a lot of sufficiently advanced technology, plus some different universes with different physical laws. Roughly speaking, the premise is that our world is secretly part of a dimension-spanning empire – which is now collapsing.

The two lead characters are the eponymous Annique, an everywoman from 21st century Britain, and ‘Eddie’ (most definitely not her real name), a teenage runaway who’s actually the deposed empress of the universe.

The insurgents who desposed Eddie are now running things, but in the process their wider organisation has splintered, the imperial faction still exists and is very angry, and the fabric of universe is unravelling due to a devastating weapon that was accidentally unleashed. And as of the last scene I wrote, our protagonists are hiding out in a Scottish farmhouse.

I have no idea where I’m going with this.


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