My Week in Writing (16/07/17)

20170706_115132I had four job interviews this week. I’ve not been up to much else. I’ve been rejected for all four of them already, so it wasn’t… the most productive week I’ve ever had. Two more coming up next week. Here’s hoping.

Still no update on the hard drive situation – if I haven’t heard by the end of tomorrow I’m going to have to get in touch and find out what’s happening.

Otherwise: I wrote a new short story, about zombies. I’m not sure about it, thematically speaking, so I should probably get some feedback pretty soon.

Still plugging away at my other projects – I only have two chapters left on my read-through of Summer and I’ve declared part one of ‘Annique’ as finished as it can be, considering that I’m missing a chunk towards the beginning.

So, since my life hasn’t been that interesting: that Doctor Who announcement!

I’m amused by how absurdly British the whole affair was – all of the articles about it just said the announcement would be made ‘after the Wimbledon finale’ because of course the whole country knows what that means. In truth, I didn’t even know it was Wimbledon season. I was told to expect it some time after six o’clock and… missed it.

But I’ve seen it now! And so far I’m deeply relieved (Kris Marshall seemed like a dead cert for a while, and I did not want that) and tentatively excited.

Jodie Whittaker wouldn’t have been my choice but I’m really, really pleased that they’ve cast a woman and I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll bring to the role. I’m not 100% sure I trust Chris Chibnall to handle the gender change well but so far things seem hopeful.

So, here’s what I’d like to see:

  1. A Thirteenth Doctor who’s non-gender conforming. I recognise that this would be tricky to handle without making it seem like the Doctor has to be butch because their previous selves were all male, but it’s just what feels right to me for the character. Plus I was always vaguely uncomfortable with quite how feminine Missy was.
  2. A female companion. I really hope they don’t feel that they have to have male companions now the Doctor is a woman – if they want a male lead, bring back the 1960s model and give the Doctor a male and a female companion.
  3. Some kind of well-written, sensitive acknowledgement that certain things are going to be more difficult for the Doctor now that they’re gendered as a woman by the people around them.
  4. Some kind of well-written, sensitive discussion of Gallifreyan gender fluidity.
  5. Otherwise, for this to be handled exactly like any other regeneration. Big Finish did this beautifully in a recent release – it can absolutely be done.
  6. Absolutely no sexualisation of the new Doctor, and please no male love interest. If the Doctor had unambiguously been shown to be attracted to men in the past that would be okay, but given that so far all of their actual, canonical romantic interactions have been with woman, now is a really bad time to pair them up with a man. The implications would be kind of uncomfy.

So, those are my thoughts. As I said: tentatively excited. Very aware that if they mess this up it might never happen again. But mostly excited.


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