My Week In Writing (10/07/17)

20170706_112145Things are getting uncomfortably busy around here. Last week I was busy almost every day with temp agency registrations and volunteering, and this week I have four job interviews, with another one offered – it’s on the same day as one of the others so I’m trying to reschedule.

I had an interview this afternoon and it went reasonably well. Tomorrow I’m off to register with yet another agency.

It’s just as well really that I haven’t been able to work properly on Summer, because I wouldn’t have had the time. As it is I’m going over it chapter by chapter, trying to decide what the theme of each chapter is. The end goal is to right an epitaph of sorts for each – it should be really cool, if I can make it work.

My other writing projects are also in an uneasy limbo. I finished a short story I was writing – only it’s presently missing a chunk from the middle, so finished might be a strong word. Fingers crossed I won’t have to write it all again. I’ve started a new short story – it’s nice to have the entirity of an ongoing project again!

My new long-form project (novel? Maybe?) is working-titled Annique and is likewise missing several thousand words early on. I think I’d be coming up on the 10k mark now, otherwise. It’s proving more violent than I anticipated. I didn’t intend for one of my leads to be a serial killer but she keeps on murdering people…

Otherwise, I’ve been reading A Song of Stone by Iain Banks and working my way through the First Doctor Companion Chronicles boxset. I’m planning a full review for Wednesday’s update – the last story seems to be going somewhere very exciting, dying to listen to part two.

My new 2-in-1 is a vast improvement on my netbook, even if it took me a while to get Windows 10 set up in a way that’s usable – I’m still trying to figure out if I can disable Cortana while it’s in tablet mode. It’s an unpleasant operating system, to be quite honest, but it’s nice having a computer to work on that runs properly.

Anyway, as I said I’m off to at least three more job interviews next week. Fingers crossed, I suppose.


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