Shoreline of Infinity 8

Shoreline-Issue-8-Cover-2500hFunny how quickly a quarter comes around! This new edition of Shoreline of Infinity doesn’t have any of my fiction in it so, tragically, it isn’t as good as issue seven.

The highlights, for me, were The Pink Life(La Vie En Rose) by Nathan Susnik, a vision of a future where the privileged live subsumed in apps and social media. That’s a premise that would usually make me balk, but it’s handled beautifully, the focus kept on the detachment from human suffering rather than on the technology itself.

The Black Tide by Laura Duerr is, I’d say, more of a fantasy story than a sci-fi, but I’m not complaining. It’s a chillingly simple premise: the titular black tide grants immortality, or instant death, and a group of college students grapple with the hypnotic choice. A really tense and unnerving read.

Arthur Kovic’s Days of Change by Michael Teasdale is a surreal and unclassifiable piece that’s next to impossible to summarise without spoiling the final twist… so I won’t. Needless to say, it had me hooked from start to finish.

I also really enjoyed Ruth EJ Booth’s Noise and Sparks column this week, in which she talks about feeling like she couldn’t be a writer till she was an old lady. It’s not a sensation I’ve technically experienced, but still, somehow, very relatable.

Plus there’s the usual selection of poetry and reviews, including my review of The List by Patricia Forde. You can buy it in ebook or print format at the above link. Happy reading!


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