Happy Blogiversary

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Thanks to my Facebook memories, earlier today I learned that I created this blog on May 24th 2012, making somesuchlike five years old today. Congratulations, blog!

Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy with job hunting this week so write a proper update. So instead, I’m going to be ironic and deeply lazy.  The below is a list of essays I would love to write for this blog… if I was smarter… and had more time… and more energy.

  1. The Ever Present novel – what’s that all about? The one discussed on my current writing projects page. How did I come to write it? How did it go from its original concept, through many drafts, to what it is today? Why did I fill it with references to previous drafts that no-one but me will find funny? All this and more in a personal reflection on my childhood that I tried to write but gave up on when I realised even I couldn’t sort this tangle out.
  2. Why write fantasy? I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m ‘wasting’ my writing talents. I disagree (naturally) and feel what I’m doing is important. Why? A bunch of reasons, I guess, but primarily because it’s fun.
  3. Why write YA? Similar to the above, although in this case I’ve yet to figure it out myself.
  4. What’s ‘boy’ sci-fi? During my MSc, I had conversation with a tutor. When I said I write fantasy, he mentioned there was a student on the course who wrote sci-fi. When I said I also write sci-fi, he said, ‘oh, but he writes boy sci-fi’. Never forgotten that conversation, still not over it!
  5. Am I Scottish? Born in England, to Scottish parents, I have a lot of feelings in this area. I wrote a poem once. It wasn’t very good, so I won’t share it.
  6. Why’d you study classics? Another one that more than one person has questioned. Another one where the answer boils down to, essentially, because I love it, but there’d be an interesting discussion along the way.
  7. Why all my characters are lesbians now. I made a decision a while ago that from now on, by default, all my protagonists would be lesbians. (Note: this does not apply retroactively, for the most part.) It’s both very simple and very complicated, I suppose. I went on a journey to get to this point.
  8. Why I love Doctor Who. Self-explanatory.
  9. Why I love: Submachine, Welcome to Nightvale, Steven Universe, *insert a bunch of other things I love here*. I have a lot of feelings about the media I love.

So, that’s my list – today, anyway. Coming next week, something Doctor Who related, most likely.

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