Books-to-Read: II


It would seem that I have, after a little over a year, finally managed a 100% turn-over of my books-to-read pile. I’m not sure if congratulations are in order of if that’s just a little sad. But anyway – above are the books that are on my pile at present!

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter: Would you believe I only just got around to buying this one? For some reason the ‘& Stephen Baxter’ put me off reading it. But then I read the short story in A Blink of the Screen which is based on the same ideas (The High Meggas) and loved it.

City of Swords by Mary Hoffman – I was suddenly struck with an urge to finish reading the Stravaganza series, which I got three books into before ‘growing out of’. Very disappointed to discover that they’ve changed the cover art to something much less attractive – this is what the books I used to read looked like. But I digress. This series never quite lived up to the promise of the first book, but all of them had such a sense of wonder to them that I’m looking forward to more.

The Tempest, Manga Shakespeare edition, by Paul Duffield – I went to see The Tempest at the Globe theatre a couple of weeks ago. Found this in the gift shop. Couldn’t resist.

The Myst Reader by Rand and Robyn Miller – I actually bought this by accident (oops – I thought it was something else) and now appear to be stuck with a monster of a book which may or may not be absolute crap. It’s a collection of video game tie-in novels. I’m dubious. But if nothing else, I am a big Myst fan, so I’m sure I’ll get something out of it.

Scottish Fairy Tales – a hand-me-down from a friend. I’m still not sure whether I’m going to keep it or not, since it doesn’t particularly interest me, but I’ll probably read it eventually – I don’t like owning books I haven’t read.

The Fantasy Film by Katherine A. Fowkes – I’m looking forward to this! It’s just such a pretty book. I’m enjoying building up a collection of books about fantasy.

Grimm Tales by Phillip Pullman – a Christmas present. It still takes me six months to get through my Christmas books. I am ashamed.

(currently reading) A Blink of the Screen by Terry Pratchett – his collected short fiction! I’m really enjoying reading this – particularly the non-Discworld stuff. Which I actually prefer, because I’m unusual and strange, apparently.

(currently reading) In The Shadow of the Sword by Tom Holland – non-fiction book about late antiquity. I do find the period very interesting but non-fiction always takes me a while to get through…

Since I’m currently mid-move, these are actually all the books I have at the moment – the rest are in storage – which means if I can just stop buying more, I might be able to get through them reasonably quickly. Maybe. Hopefully.

See you in another year?

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