Current Writing Projects

I’m very bad at committing to things. As such, I tend to have stupid numbers of writing projects on the go at once and oftentimes I struggle to finish any of them because I can’t decide which to prioritise first. So here, for future reference, is a list of projects which are currently in the writing, editing or submission stages:

Note: (w) indicates a working title.


Four Seasons Quartet. Current status: two books written, one in the editing stages, one on-hold.

Or at least I think this wants to be a quartet. The titles of the first two are Summer and Autumn so logically there should be two more parts, but I only have a detailed plan in my head for one more. However, I do have a vague idea for a fourth one, so we shall see.

Summary: Pseudo-Victorian era fantasy. More detail on this later.

(w) Ever-Present Novel. Current status: three-quarters of the way through the first book in the trilogy.

This one is definitely going to be a trilogy – it has a neat three-act structure to it – but the end of the third book is not even close to being the real end. This one doesn’t even have a real end. As of right now I have the lives of the characters roughly plotted out from the ages of twelve through forty. The third book ends when they are around eighteen. I’ve yet to come up with any kind of logically plan as to how to write the rest.

Summary: Urban fantasy. See above.


The Show Must Go On. Current status: ~200 words. I haven’t really started this one, I just wanted to get something down on paper.

Summary: Fantasy/sci-fi. Proserpina lives in a world which revolves entirely around the giant Theatre and its show that never, ever stops. Once she is Scouted as a dancer in the chorus, she begins to realise that she has allowed her identity to be subsumed by the collective.

Down the Rabbit Hole and What Alistair Found There. Current status: ~ 150 words. See above.

Summary: Surreal fantasy. A transgender teenager, Alistair, falls into a giant library populated by miniature clockwork robots which may or may not be powered by human souls, and ruled by a mysterious and shadowy Librarian.

Glimpsing the Walkers. Current Status: ~10,000 words, on hold.

Summary: Surreal fantasy/sci-fi/horror. Sophie is mysteriously sent away to live with mysterious relatives in a town where mysterious things happen and everyone seems to be on the brink of going mad. Most mysterious of all are the Walkers, people who aren’t quite alive and are’t quite ghosts, and who no-one will talk about. Sophie decides to investigate further and discovers that once glimpsed the Walkers are not easily forgotten.

(w) Tanaquil. Current Status: ~15,000 words, on hold, in need of much editing.

Summary: Benjamin falls out of his bleak and monotonous life into a world that is actually five overlapping worlds, Tanaquil, Quark, Fae, Corioli and Niflheim. Niflheim is forbidden and unknown territory; the only person to have gone there and returned has been driven mad. He is convinced that the dark and deadly forces of Niflheim are on the brink of spilling over into the other four worlds and that Benjamin’s arrival is a harbinger of doom; Benjamin is the only person genre savvy enough to listen to him.

(w) Island. Current status: Still in the planning stages.

Summary: Historical fantasy. Aodh is a young man attached to a remote island monastery, cast out by his family due to his violent, surreal visions which occasionally come true. He sees a blond man washed up on the beach over and over; sure enough, one day he finds a shipwrecked Saxon prince named Gar.


Some FixingCurrent Status: ~6000 words.

Summary: Sci-fi. In the middle of a battlefield that used to be a city some time in the future, a lowly technician discovers a several damaged Cyborg-Soldier which has someone regained its memories of being human.

The Goat Boy and the Prince. Current status: ~12,000 words.

Summary: Fairy tale. A long, long time ago, the land was full of magic. It crackled under the earth and the sea, in every living thing, glistening on every leaf and every bird and in the wings of every dragonfly; it blazed in the heavens at dusk, painting the sky red and gold. Listen and you could hear it singing. The world was new and bright.

(w) The Lift. Current Status: ~28,000 words.

Summary: Sci-fi. In a world contained entirely within a twelve-storey building where everything runs like clockwork, a young woman is suddenly approached by a man who flaunts all the rules and seems convinced that she is the key to unlocking everything.

The Fifth Dream. Current status: ~14,000 words.

Summary: Magical realism set in Ancient Greece. A potter starts dreaming that statues of Athene are talking to him and starts to realise that he may be descended from Zeus; meanwhile, Athens is on the brink of war and his visions are set upon as an omen of Victory.


I Am. Current status: ~9000-13,000 words. There’s two different drafts, the former is abridged as most magazines won’t accept anything over ten thousand words.

Summary: A man wakes up inside a machine with no air and no memory of how he came to be there. Unfortunately, once he escapes everyone he meets seems to know exactly who he is and everyone seems to want him dead.

Locked Rooms. Current status: ~10,000 words.

Summary: A boy starts to realise that his idyllic rural life may not be all that it seems.


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